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The Loose Ends List

The Loose Ends List - Carrie Firestone Rating: 4 Stars

I loved this story. It was the kind of story I don't normally read, but enjoyed all the same. And I think I found a new YA genre to enjoy...stepping out of the box.

What gives this book 4 stars?

1.) It was a heartwarming story about family, friends who become family, and finding that perfect guy in the mist of all the sorrow.
2.) I loved the humor, sarcasticness, and inspiration of all the characters. The characters really developed wonderfully throughout the story.
3.) I liked the first person pov, it made me feel as though I was Maddie and experiencing everything she was seeing, feeling, and thinking.
4.) And lastly that cover, absolutely beautiful! The perfect tie-in for the story.

A must read!