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Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea - Ruta Sepetys Rating: 5 Stars

I LOVED this book!!!! What more can I say, I literally read this book for 3 days straight. It was so amazingly written. I have never, in my entire reading life, read something as beautiful as this.

What gives this book 5 stars?
1.) The cover!! The cover is just perfect in every sense of the word. It couldn't be more fitting for the theme/setting of the story.
2.) I love that there is a mild hint of romance between Joana and Florian. It adds to the character development.
3.) I love how the book is told in 4 different points of view, even though I didn't particularly like reading Alfred's story line in the form of letters to his former love.
4.) I thought the ship wreck part of the story it was well researched and well incorporated, although I wish it would have been more of the main focus instead of the journey to the ship, and the trickery played to get on the ship. But this doesn't hinder my review in any way.