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This World We Live In

This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer Rating: 5 Stars

This is probably one of my favorite series.  Asteroid collides with moon knocking the moon off rotation causing a series of natural disasters such as tidal tsunamis and volcanoes that lead to disastrous weather conditions.  
The first book follows Miranda's family and their fight for survival in a small town in PA.
The second book follows Alex and his two sisters and their fight for survival, as well as, the search for their parents who never returned home after that night.  Their setting takes place in New York City.
In the third book Miranda and her family reunite with her father and step-mom and their little group of travelers.  Among her father's group is Alex and his sister.  As the story progresses Miranda and Alex begin having feelings for each other.

What gives this series 5 stars?
1.) The covers.  As you may have figured out by now, covers are a key part of my rating and review.  I like covers that give you a sense of the story before you read it.  These covers do just that.  The covers each portray the setting and a small description of the moon.
2.) For this particular series and context of the story, the diary format works really well and is easier to read and follow along.  I preferred reading Miranda's diary over Alex's form of a diary because she talked more in first person where as Alex talked in second person.
3.) The overall scenario of the story is very believable.  It is an event that could happen in real life and the effects of something like that happening also could happen.  The survival, food rationing, no power to do basic needs, diseases, FEMA camps all could become a reality in a blink of an eye.  I felt like this story, given that it is fiction, could give me incite as to would life could and would be like.

Overall, an amazing, fast paced series.  Would be a great mini series on TV.