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Disney after Dark

Disney after Dark - Ridley Pearson, David Frankland Rating: 4 Stars

When I lived in Florida, I was an avid Disney fan. My family had annual passes and we used to go to Disney all the time! So I figured this would be a great book for a Disney fan, such as myself.

What gives this book 4 stars?
1.) Waking up in Disney long after it closes and having the park all to yourself, you can't tell me that that isn't some kid's dream. Because lets face it long lines, crowds, and ungodly wait times suck, period! The concept is perfect, and totally imaginative!
2.) I love how the line between good and evil is a key part to keeping the 'Disney Magic' alive in the park. Believe it or not, I like that the villains play a role in the series. Within the walls of Disney, the villains are hardly mentioned in any of the attractions. They are what made the good characters heroes!
3.) Disney Hologram tour guides?! Enough said! Mr. Pearson is an absolute GENIUS!!

I liked the book a lot. I have only read books 1-3. All are very good! Perfect for middle grade Disney fans!