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Found (The Missing, Book 1)

Found (The Missing, Book 1) - Margaret Peterson Haddix Rating: 5 Stars

I typically read this book at least once a year, I just love it SO much. But for some reason, I can't bring myself to read past book 2. Anyway, this is a fantastic book, hooked me from page one.

What gives thus book 5 stars?
1.) The cover...love the cover and is a perfect display of what the book is about.
2.) The character development of mainly the two boys builds very well throughout the story as they come to terms with their newfound discover of who they really are.
3.) The plot is so intriguing. Throughout this book there are so many twists and surprising discoveries, it keeps you hooked from the very beginning. Be for warned, the ending is a nerve wreaking cliffhanger!

All in all, a great read and a long series! Perfect for those who love adventure, mystery and time travel!